Gisele Prassinos

GISELE PRASSINOS (1920–2015) was a French-speaking surrealist poet of Greek and Turkish heritage. Her first book was La Sauterelle arthritique (The Arthritic Grasshopper).

Naděžda Plíšková

NADĚŽDA PLÍŠKOVÁ was a twentieth century Czech poet, sculptor and graphic artist.

Màiri Mhòr Nan Òran

MÀIRI MHÒR NAN ÒRAN (Màiri MacPherson), 1821–1898, was an oral, political poet and lyricist who was born and died in Skye. Her work focused largely on the Highland Clearances.

Helga M. Novak

HELGA M. NOVAK, also Maria Karlsdoir (1935–2013), was a German- Icelandic writer who grew up in East Germany. She wrote seven major collections of poetry. Schöffling and Co. published her complete poems So lange noch Liebesbriefe eintreffen in 1999.

Hachikai Mimi

HACHIKAI MIMI (1974– ) is a prominent voice in Japanese poetry. Her debut collection won the Nakahara Chuya Prize, and since then she has been a prolific writer of poetry, fiction, essays, and reviews. Her fi&h collection Kao wo arau mizu won the Ayukawa Nobuo Prize.

Selma Meerbaum-Eisinger

SELMA MEERBAUM-EISINGER (1924–1942) was a Romanian-born, German-speaking poet, who died aged 18 in the Michailowka labour camp. Her collection, Blütenlese, was rediscovered and published by Tel Aviv University Press in 1979.

Mascha Kaléko

MASCHA KALÉKO (1907–1975) was a Polish-German-Jewish poet born in Galicia (now part of Ukraine). After publishing two successful volumes celebrating and satirizing urban life in the late Weimar Republic, Kaléko was forced into exile, thereafter spending her life in the USA and Israel.

Hwang Jini

HWANG JINI (1506–1560) was a kisaeng during Korea’s Joseon Dynasty. She was also known by her kisaeng name Myeongwol, meaning ‘bright moon’.

Hồ Xuân Hương

HỒ XUÂN HƯƠNG was a Vietnamese poet born in the late eighteenth century in Nghệ An Province. She is believed to have grown up in Thăng Long (now Hanoi).

Gunvor Hofmo

GUNVOR HOFMO (1921–1995) published twenty poetry collections over 48 years, with distinct styles before and after a sixteen-year silent period. All of Hofmo’s work is published by Gyldendal Norsk Forlag.