Clare Pollard

Clare Pollard was born in Bolton in 1978. She has published five collections of poetry with Bloodaxe, the latest of which is Incarnation (2017). Her play The Weather premiered at the Royal Court Theatre and her documentary for radio, ‘My Male Muse’, was a Radio 4 Pick of the Year. Her many translation projects have […]

Daniel Weissbort

Daniel Weissbort was born into a family that had only just settled in England. His parents were Polish Jews who had met in Belgium and who spoke together in French, the language of their acquaintance. Weissbort remembered growing up and answering their French with English: The net result of this was that English, though it […]

Ted Hughes

A gable, a psychic gable that you could put your back to. Seamus Heaney Ted Hughes and Daniel Weissbort met at Cambridge in the early fifties where they both studied as undergraduates. Ted, five years older than Daniel Weissbort, was already a graduate when Weissbort, together with David Ross, published some of his early poems […]