Yannis Kondos

Yannis Kondos’s work grows out of thematic and stylistic shifts initiated by the so-called ‘generation of the 70s’ that saw Greek poets moving towards more metaphysical, personal spheres from where rapid social changes are often observed.

Kondos’s poetry trails the diaspora of experience in hectic city routines, lingering on commonplaces, going for the openings when life coincides with its reflection. His work is distinctly synaesthetic (‘I unfold my patience. / It’s woollen and brownish / Time is striped.’) and the surreal quickenings he injects to his warm, colloquial language help to arrest the reality behind life’s absurdities, arriving time and again at the everyday recognitions that already are the stuff of poetry.

-from Paschalis Nikolaou’s review in MPT Series 2/2 Diaspora