William Rowe

William’s book on Spanish American poetry since 1950 was published in 2000 by Oxford University Press. William is a founding editor of the Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies: Travesia and remains on its advisory board. He has taught at the Universities of Lambayeque (Peru), Liverpool, Kings College London, where he was given a personal Chair in Latin American Cultural Studies, San Marcos (Peru), Universidad Católica (Peru), Universidad Iberoamericana (Mexico) and Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. He has carried out ethnographic research on Peruvian song and Shamanic discourse, and has held a British Academy Research Readership. He is a specialist in 20th century poetry and poetics in Latin America, the USA and Britain, and has published widely, read and broadcast translations of Latin American poetry.

William Rowe was a contributor to MPT Series 2 Number 11, Poetry from Peru and Russia

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