Tal Nitzán

Tal Nitzán is an award winning Israeli poet, editor and a major translator of Hispanic literature. Recipient of the Women Writers’ Prize in 1998, the Culture Minister Prize for Beginning Poets in 2001, and the Prime Minister Prize for Writers in 2009, Nitzán has published four poetry collections: Domestica (2002, recipient of the Culture Minister’s Prize for debut book), An Ordinary Evening (2006, recipient of the Publisher’s Association Poetry Prize), Café Soleil Bleu (2007), and The First to Forget, (2009, Artists & Writers Rights Society Prize for poetry submitted anonymously).

Her poems have been translated to Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, Portuguese and other languages, have been published in English poetry reviews, and in anthologies in German and French. Anthologies of her work were published in Lithuanian (2009), and in Italian (2010).

An ardent peace activist, Nitzán has edited the ground-breaking anthology With an Iron pen: Hebrew Protest Poetry 1984-2004 (2005), a collection of Hebrew poems of the last 20 years that protest against the Israeli occupation (English version published in SUNY Press, USA, 2009).
Nitzán has translated circa 70 books into Hebrew, mainly from Spanish, including two anthologies of Latin American poetry. She has won numerous awards for her translations, among them the Culture Minister Creation Prize for translators (1995, 2005), and in 2004, an honorary medal from Chile’s president, for her translation of Pablo Neruda’s poetry.

– photo Iris Nesher