Sirkka Turkka

Sirkka Turkka (b. 1939) is a Finnish writer and recipient of the Leino Prize in 2000.  She writes in a precise and lucid fashion. But her poems often relate utterly loopy things; the work is playful, bizarre. As Jukka Koskelainen notes in a recent piece for Books from Finland, it is also polyphonic; the poems contain numerous allusions to literature and culture, including popular culture; Turkka quotes pop songs, rock lyrics, the Bible, folklore, philosophical texts, and proverbs. The quotations form an organic part of the poems, but just a part; Turkka’s own, strong voice is always discernible. 

– from Emily Jeremiah’s introduction in MPT 3/14 Polyphony

See: Jukka Koskelainen, ‘Nature Girl: On the Poetry of Sirkka Turkka’, (2010).