Sabeer Haka

Sabeer Haka was born in 1986 in Kermanshah, Iran. He is now a construction worker and lives in Tehran. Two of his collections of poetry have been published in Iran and in 2013 he won first prize in the Iranian Workers’ Poetry Competition.

Sabeer’s work has brought him little in the way of financial reward and with no support from social security he knows poverty from the inside. ‘I’m tired,’ he says in an interview, ‘I’m very tired. My tiredness goes back to before my birth. I was a worker since my mother carried me in her womb while working, and I felt her exhaustion. Still her tiredness is in my body.’

Sabeer says that he has no place to sleep in Tehran and sometimes he walks all night. He hasn’t been able to work on his novel for the last twelve years. The translators have used brackets to indicate that a word has been censored in the original poem.