Patrice de La Tour du Pin

Patrice de La Tour du Pin (1911-1975) spent his childhood in the Gatinais region of central France, a psycho-geography which has infiltrated much of his poetry. His father was killed at the Battle of the Marne. Brought up by his mother, the great grand-daughter of the Irish parliamentarian General Arthur O’ Connor, La Tour du Pin published ‘Les Enfants de Septembre’ in La Nouvelle Revue Française when he was just nineteen. La Quête de joie (1933) established his reputation. Imprisoned in Germany during the Second World War, he evolved a mystical-religious cycle, Catholic, noble and Celtic in tone, stretching over fifty years, and published definitively as Somme de poésie (1981).

– from Padraig Rooney’s introduction in MPT 3/12 Freed Speech