Nijolė Miliauskaitė

Nijolė Miliauskaitė (1950-2002) spent most of her life in the spa town of Druskininkai surrounded by pine and fir forest, where she formed part of a triumvirate of especially strong poets including Kornelijus Platelis and her husband Vytautas Bložė. She only published four books in her short life, but received numerous awards, including the Lithuanian National Prize. Her work has been influential among Lithuanian poets, but she has been very rarely translated. This is a shame especially because almost all of her poems are free verse, rooted in observations of daily life (and the recollection of such moments), and are quite universal in their subject matter. From her Christian roots, she later migrated to a deep engagement with Eastern spirituality. 

From Rimas Uzgiris’ introduction to the online poetry workshop, November 2018