Marcin Świetlicki

Marcin Świetlicki (b.1961) is the author of ten poetry books and three novels. He has published, among others, Zimne kraje 1 (Cold Countries 1, 1992), Schizma (Schism, 1994), Trzecia połowa (Third Half, 1996), Pieśni profana (Songs of the Profaner, 1998; nominated for the NIKE Literary Prize), Czynny do odwołania (Unclosed until Further Notice, 2001; shortlisted for the NIKE Prize), Nieczynny (Closed, 2003), Muzyka środka (Mainstream Music of the Interior, 2006; shortlisted for the NIKE Prize) and Niskie pobudki (Base Impulse, 2009). His collected Wiersze (Poems) appeared in 2011; his most recent poetry volume is entitled Jeden (One, 2013). He was awarded the Silesius for Lifetime Achievement in 2012. He writes texts for the band Świetliki, where he is also a lead vocalist; they have released six records so far. English versions of his poems have appeared in: Young Poets of New Poland (1993), Altered State: The New Polish Poetry (2003), Carnivorous Boy Carnivorous Bird: Poetry from Poland (2004), New European Poets (2008) and The Ecco Anthology of International Poetry (2010). He has also been translated into German, Swedish, Lithuanian, Czech, Slovak, Slovenian, Macedonian, and Serb. He lives in Kraków, Poland.