Lakshmi Holmström

Holmström is
a writer and translator. She has translated short stories and novels by the
major contemporary writers in Tamil. Her translations of modern Tamil poetry
have been published in various journals. Her most recent books are The rapids of a great river: the Penguin
book of Tamil poetry
(2009), of
which she is a co-editor; and The hour past midnight (2009), a
translation of a novel by Salma. In 2000 she received the Crossword Book Award for
her translation of Karukku by Bama; in 2007 she shared the Crossword-Hutch Award for her translation of Ambai’s short
stories, In a forest, a deer; and she received the Iyal
Award from the Tamil Literary Garden, Canada, in 2008. In 2003-6, she was a Royal
Literary Fund writing fellow at the University of East Anglia. She is one of
the founding trustees of SALIDAA (South Asian Diaspora Literature and Arts