Jenny Joseph

Jenny Joseph was born in 1932 in Birmingham. After growing up in leafy Buckinghamshire, she read English at St Hilda’s College Oxford. Since then she has variously been a newspaper reporter, a lecturer in language and literature, and landlady of a London pub. Her poems were first published when she was at university at the beginning of the 1950s; her first book, The Unlooked-for Season, appeared in 1960. The collection won a Gregory Award, and her second, Rose in the Afternoon, received a Cholmondeley Award. In 1992 the bulk of her first four books of poems was reprinted in Selected Poems (Bloodaxe). Her varied output includes poetry for children as well as adults, books that combine prose and poetry (Persephone) and different forms of prose fictions (Extended Similes). She has collaborated with photographers (Beached Boats), painters, musicians, actors and dancers, and worked with speakers of poetry and voice teachers to encourage the learning and speaking of poetry. She currently lives in Gloucestershire.

– from Inpress Books UK with permission