Jazra Khaleed

Jazra Khaleed was born in Grozny, Chechnya, in 1979. Today he lives in Athens, writes and publishes exclusively in Greek, and is known as a boxer and poet. He is among the first of a new generation of Athenian writers born beyond the borders of Greece, with roots in other cultures and languages, bringing to Greek poetry an un-Greek linguistic and poetic energy. Khaleed has drawn a parallel between boxing and poetry: his writing has the attack and punch of the fighter. Much of his poetry is an indictment of the oppression of the people in Chechnya, and the harsh lot of the immigrant in a Greece that offers few opportunities to outsiders. He has in fact remained an outsider to Greek literary circles, unpublished by the mainstream Greek publishers and literary magazines. He has circulated his poetry in samizdat and online, and in the new wave magazine Teflon, where he now also works as an editor and translator of German, American and Australian poetry.

– from Peter Constantine’s introduction in MPT 3/12 Freed Speech