Iris Elgrichi

Iris Elgrichi spent seven years as a classical Japanese scholar at Kanazawa University, Japan. Currently, she is working as a Japanese translator in Israel. With British writer, Judy Kendall, she has translated haiku (Suiko / The Water Jar, Miyaji Eiko, Japan, 1999); Noh (extracts and adaptations of Kinuta performed in Kyoto, Kanazawa, and Austria, 1998-2000, won the 2000 9th Uchimura Prize; extracts from Michimori published in Equinox, 2002); and kyogen (Fumininai workshopped by Kataribe Theatre, Kanazawa, 2001).

She was a contributor to MPT Series 2 Number 11, .Poetry from Peru and Russia  

We plan to add more details of MPT Series 1 and 2 to this site in due course.