Chus Pato

Chus Pato (María Xesús Pato Díaz) was born in Ourense in Galicia in north-western Spain and writes in Gallego. She teaches History and Geography at a High School in the interior. Her publications include: Urania (Calpurnia, 1991), Heloísa (Maior, 1994), Fascinio (Toxosoutos, 1995), Nínive (Edicións Xerais, 1996; 2oed. Vigo, Galaxia, 2006), m-tala (Edicions Xerais, 2000), Charenton (Edicions Xerais, 2003), Hordas de escritura (Edicions Xerais, 2008), Secesión (Galaxia, 2009).

The poetry of Chus Pato revels in differing realities and voices exploring uncomfortable territory and complex textual contradictions and lacunae. Formally varied, it seeks out forgotten melodies in silences and dreams. In her work, poetry and literature take the reader to a place with no name, a place unknown but close to the truth.