Charles Dobzynski

Charles Dobzynski was born in Warsaw in 1929; his parents migrated to France in 1930. In hiding during the war, which interrupted his schooling, he published his first poem in Jeune Combat, a journal originating in the Jewish Resistance, in 1945. Today, he is the author of some forty collections of poems, including Corps à réinventer and Le réel d’à côté (both 2005) and À Revoir la mémoire (2006). He is also the editor and translator of the Gallimard Anthology of Yiddish Poetry, and the emeritus editor-in-chief of the journal Europe, for which he continues to write a monthly poetry review column. He was named a Chevalier des Arts et Lettres by the French Cultural Ministry, and received a fellowship from the Académie Goncourt for the totality of his work.

– from Marilyn Hacker’s introduction in MPT Series 3/7 Love and War