Carlos Marzal

Carlos Marzal was born in Valencia in 1961 and lives still in that city. He has published five books of poetry, most recently Metales Pesados (2001), which was awarded the National Critics Prize and the National Prize for Literature, and Fuera de Mí í (2004), for which he received the Loewe Foundation Prize. 

His books of poetry were in 2005 collected in El Corazóón Perplejo (Poesíía Reunida, 1987-2004), and in 2005 he published a novel, Los Reinos de la Causalidad. To read the recent poems of Carlos Marzal is to read the work of a fearless writer, unafraid to engage the world, and our existence in it, on its own often senseless and overwhelming terms. 

His is a mind bent on analyzing the human experience at face value: as a series of nearly inexplicable events, rendered almost incomprehensible by our inadequate minds. If something is beautiful, he engages that beauty directly. If something is awful, he examines our awe. 

– from Nathaniel Perry’s introduction in MPT 3/9 Palestine