Beppe Salvia

Beppe Salvia (1954–1985) possessed exquisite literary talent circumscribed by limited production and a tragically short career. He was a celebrated poet amidst the lively Roman poetry scene of the 80s and was a founder, along with Claudio Damiani and others, of the important journal Brace. Yet Salvia was notoriously recalcitrant in presenting himself and his verse; he published only in journals, usually under female heteronyms, and much of what he wrote he threw away, while his friends tried to save what they could. When he took his own life at the age of thirty, his friend the poet Marco Lodoli wrote that Salvia was ‘a great poet, certainly the best loved of his generation, by those in their thirties, who write poems without knowing why they do, or for whom.’ In 2006, his collected works were published by Fandango Libri under the title Un solitario amore (A Solitary Love).