Antonella Anedda

Antonella Anedda was born in Rome in 1958, of a Sardinian family. The languages she was brought up hearing, however, were, apart from Italian, Logudorese, Catalan from Alghero, and Corsican French mixed with the dialect of La Maddalena, an island off the coast of Sardinia. Her three books of poetry so far, Residenze invernali (Winter Residences) 1992, Notti di pace occidentale (Night of Western Peace) 1999, winner of the Premio Montale, and Il catalogo della gioia (Catalogue of Joy), 2003, and her two books of essays, are written exclusively in Italian, though in a recent interview she has remarked of her Italian: ‘I could say that I write in a foreign language which I lose and rediscover at each new occasion.’ Her writing in Sardinian is of relatively recent date.

– from Jamie McKendrick’s introduction in MPT Series 3/4 ‘Between the Languages’