Aleksander Stefanovic

Aleksander Stefanovic was a dissident writer and translator. He translated several poets from Serbian, including Popa, and Ivo Andric for the Kenyon Review in 1966. It appears that he attended the Edinburgh Writer’s Conference in 1962, alongside writers like Stephen Spender, Lawrence Durrell and Rebecca West, where a small scandal was caused because he spoke before the official Yugoslavian delegate. The Guardian noted:

Ethical and political debates became fraught, especially when Petar Šegedin, the “official” Yugoslavian author, fumed that the dissident Aleksandr Stefanovic had been allowed to speak before him, and had stated that “the job of writers is not to write for governments, but to educate them” – this, apparently, was a CIA plot to humiliate him.

Aleksander Stefanovic’s translations of Vasko Popa can be read in the scans of the original Modern Poetry in Translation No.1; the versions presented here are by Anne Pennington and Francis R. Jones.