A Flyer

This software will assemble a series of steps that will guarantee you’ll be happy for the rest of your life. It was created in response to skewed notions of ‘happiness’ which have caused acute sorrow of pandemic proportions. To begin, please enter your personal data, including your real taxable income and passwords. All of your […]


gather up love like a full fishing net watch it writhe this muscular wetness pierce a glory- hole into the navy sky gawp at uranus saturn’s ring pinch everest’s nipple pinch the andes softly rim the equator his temperate zones of pink ripening blossoms heart-wine lotus hibiscus (by now you are sweating a lot the […]

The Little Box

The little box grows her first teeth And her little length grows Her little width her little emptiness And everything she has The little box grows and grows And now inside her is the cupboard She was in before And she grows and grows and grows And now inside her is the room And the […]

My Mother Baked the Whole World for Me

My mother baked the whole world for me In little sweet cakes. My love filled my window With raisins of stars. I enclose longings within me like air Pockets in a loaf of bread. Outside I am smooth and quiet and brown. The world loves me. But my hair is sad like the reeds in […]

An Inventory of Moonlight

An Istrian moon Stained with salt and the west wind, Over the lean and dark green slopes Gnawed by the were-air of equinox, A moon which might have been a match Struck on the stairs of a Belgrade house Razed to the ground sixteen years ago, A house razed sixteen years ago, A house inhabited […]


The small worms of pain still wriggled in the limpid air. The trembling died away and Something inside us bowed low before the fact of the operating-table, the fact of the window the fact of space the fact of steel with seven blades. The silence was inviolable like the surface of a mirror. Though we […]