Our policy is to concentrate on a limited number of poets in each issue and to represent each one by a larger sampling of his work than is usually possible in less specialized magazines, rather than to include many poets each with one or two pieces. The type of translations we are seeking can be […]


You sit, pale, pregnant. How you have changed, poor girl. Weeping, weeping you sit And straighten out your dress. Why do women only pamper us And as they fall offer us their lips And run out beyond the barrier And drop behind the carriages? How you ran after them, Looked into the windows streaking by… […]

Lettish Saga

The lads make off from their betrothed. Why from their fathers’ homes, God knows, Three fools sprint for the West. Someone betrays them. They’re seized. Year ’41. Regards! The sentence is declared – 10 years. ‘O lover, when will you return?! four thousand days like a burden, four thousand nights I have been no one’s, […]


The burlesque dancer gestures and strips… Am I bellowing?.. Or do my eyes ache from the stage lights? She plucks off a foulard, a stole, tinsel, Just like you strip an orange of its peel. And her eyes hold that tedium of the birds. They call this dance ‘strip-tease’. The dance horrifies. At the bar, […]

Italian Garage

The floor is mosaicked like a carp. Asleep in the palazzo is the night garage. Motorbikes there are like Saracens or locusts folded up in sleep. There are no Paolos, no Juliets, just moist, breathing Chevrolets. Giotto frescos are reflected like mechanics in the bonnets. Spectres of theft and battle hover. What is the night […]


Answer me! What’s the matter? Here, whisper it in my ear. Atavism?.. Or perhaps – soul cancer. To the world’s best woman, to its most full of youth ill-fortune came. And she was gentle, Her eyes held a Fayum sparkle. She rode motorbikes, crouched over them, plunged in them Like a barb Stuck in a […]

A Dissertation in the Form of a Ballad

Yesterday my doctor announced: ‘Maybe you’re talented, who knows, but even so your blow-pipe’s frozen, keep out of the freezing weather.’ O nose! Inevitably as the hours, my nose, the capuchins’ and yours obeying medicinal laws majestically grows and grows! Those of illustrious fellow-citizens, of watchmen, deputy-ministers grow through the night, puffing sleeplessly like owls, […]

Rublyov Road

Motor-scooter roaring past the sanatorium! Behind the handlebars like Rublyov angels: loving riders. As in the fresco of the Annunciation with its strident white tone see their women scattering a shine behind them, like wings on their spine! The splaying of their dress! Tugged back from the handlebars! Thrust into my shoulders a wing’s white […]

Roman Holiday

In Rome at the New Year it is the custom to throw old things into the street. Rome rattles and shakes like a runaway breakdown truck. All over Rome and round about the New Year’s coming in! Like Mills bombs, bottles dropped from windowsills. crash all over the place, and what price that tough shoving […]

The Little Box

The little box grows her first teeth And her little length grows Her little width her little emptiness And everything she has The little box grows and grows And now inside her is the cupboard She was in before And she grows and grows and grows And now inside her is the room And the […]