Shash Trevett

Shash Trevett is a Tamil from Sri Lanka who came to the UK to escape from the civil war. She is a poet and translator of Tamil poetry. Her poetry is concerned with war and loss: the loss of lives, a homeland, the loss of a language, and a way of life. She writes by […]

Annie Fan

Shadow Trustee Annie Fan is currently reading law at Oxford University. Their work has been broadcast by BBC Radio 3 and appears in Ambit, and The Manchester Review, among others. In addition, they have been a prizewinner in Tower Poetry, twice, and have won Lancaster University’s prizes for fiction and poetry, as well as being […]

Farah Mendlesohn

Farah Mendlesohn was editor of Foundation; the international review of Science Fiction from 2001-2007, went on to co-edit the BSFA and Hugo Award winning Cambridge Companion to Science Fiction and its sequel, the Cambridge Companion to Fantasy, with Edward James. Rhetorics of Fantasy (2009) won the BSFA award for non-fiction and a Hugo nomination. An […]

Anna Selby

Anna Selby is a poet and naturalist. Her poetry often explores our connection with water and the natural world. She  works collaboratively with dancers and choreographers, writes poetic-studies of different species in the field, directly from life, often underwater, and aims for these poems to share a sense of compassion and attentiveness to the environment. She […]