Against Terra Nullius Translation – an essay by Khairani Barokka

If you’ve ever seen a popular meme floating around social media, stating the need to fill the entire continental United States with trees, it is one that fills numerous indigenous populations with ire. ‘Rewilding’ here is the simple notion that trees are all that’s needed to…

MACGILLIVRAY – Bird Wound Man: Fear Eun Lota

Similar in appearance to medieval depictions of ‘Wound Men’, the ‘Fear Eun Lota’ (Scottish Gaelic for ‘Bird Wound Man’) demonstrated poetic damage done to an individual when deliberately conversing with birds…

Notes on a Lithuanian Workshop, by Frances Leviston

The workshop from which this group of translations emerged (featured in ‘How to Swim’) took place at the British Council offices near the National Gallery in London in October 2018. My companions in the workshop were the British poet Richard Scott, whose acclaimed first collection Soho had appeared from Faber earlier that year; and the […]


I’d been talking – what about, I don’t remember. I was still speaking but it was as if I could not hear myself – as if my voice was being drowned out by… what? The room was quiet. No one interrupted, but… Silence, that was it – a particular silence of which I was, momentarily, afraid.