Endless Fantasy

Liz Almond reviews Heaven by Manuel Vilas, translated by James Womack, Carcanet, 2020.

Blurring Structures

Joanna Lee reviews Unexpected Vanilla by Lee Hyemi, translated by Soje (previously So J. Lee), Tilted Axis, 2020


‘I felt like saying yes for some reason.’ Variations of this statement flooded the chogwa inbox over the course of its first year…

Everything is Staged

Penny Newell reviews ‘Putting On My Species’ by Sasja Janssen, translated by Michele Hutchison, Shearsman, 2020.

Haiku workshop, spring 2020: Alan Cummings speaks with Clare Pollard

Our spring translation workshop looked at a selection of three haiku chosen by Alan Cummings, and was our most popular workshop to date. Listen to this podcast for a deeper discussion of these haiku – and find out which translations were his favourite. [transcript available]

The Boundless Possibility

Charlotte Wetton reviews Chameleon/ Nachtroer by Charlotte Van Den Broeck, translated by David Colmer, Bloodaxe, 2020.