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A Woman is Laughing

Under the singing watch of a rocky mountain a...

Author: Fahmida Riaz
Translation: Ankita Saxena

I’d Like to Live With You

in a one-horse town where it’s always dusk and...

Author: Marina Tsvetaeva
Translation: Helen Mort


I divide a December night into halves down its...

Author: Hwang Jini
Translation: Ainee Jeong

Two poems

New Year Couplet On the thirtieth night, we seal...

Author: Hồ Xuân Hương
Translation: Natalie Linh Bolderston

Gwerful Curses a Man for Beating a Woman

Into your chest, a sharp stone slides – slanted...

Author: Gwerful Mechain
Translation: Zoe Brigley

Origins of the Fire Emoji

Beyonce, queen of all powers Rihanna, goddess of success...

Author: Enheduanna
Translation: Jessica Wood

Other People’s Aquariums

What I like about other people’s apartments is that...

Author: Kateřina Rudčenková
Translation: Alexandra Büchler

The Golden Revolutionary Song

On my plate there’s a golden standard, investment-related, I...

Author: Olga Stehlíková
Translation: David Vichnar

Love Poem

Don’t be afraid of the voices, there are plenty...

Author: Jan Skácel
Translation: Kateřina Matuštíková Simon Pettifar

Words Have Meaning

Words have meaning, even if we say this and...

Author: MIlan Děžinský
Translation: Nathan Fields


Let me return the sunlight to the sky, the...

Author: Phi Hoàng
Translation: O MAYEUX


Don’t leave your room. This is better left undone....

Author: Joseph Brodsky
Translation: Alexandra Berlina

Dazzled by the Morning Light…

The morning light was dreadfully dazzling I folded some...

Author: Sayaka Osaki
Translation: Jeffrey Angles

Our Whereabouts

    don’t speak to me….. one whisper will...

Author: Kei Okamoto
Translation: Motoyuki Shibata Polly Barton

For You

— who were massacred on the riverbanks of Nakagawa...

Author: Itsuko Ishikawa
Translation: Rina Kikuchi Jen Crawford


Morning, a dull sun shines           The wind blows A...

Author: Chūya Nakahara
Translation: Jeffrey Angles

Porcelain Crow

Blue porcelain crow, on the make with your oohs...

Author: Takuji Ōte
Translation: James Garza


Living this year and seeing the blossom one person...

Author: Noriko Ibaragi
Translation: Peter Robinson Andrew Houwen